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log home GB2

log home

A countryside log home with an inviting facade design and a connection to the site – integrating the outdoor space with the indoors through design and sufficient window glazing. Design-wise the concept is to maintain a traditional look and include modern architectural elements that would enhance the overall feel of the cabin.

log home floor plans

log home plans

The first floor functional plan consists of a living space that is connected to the kitchen area, tied right to the entrance. The terrace, connecting to the bedroom, is located on the same level, as well as a side-located restroom and closet entry area, although the entry itself is located towards the living space. The functionality is compact and rooms are easily accessible, drifting away from longer corridors and maximalizing natural light presence in the space.

log home floor plans

The concept of the functionality of the second floor was to divide it into a master bedroom space with a seperate closet, as well as a double-bedroom on the other side of the floor, appropriate for a family of four or five, the double-bedroom being quite spacious. The corridor is accompanied by a bathroom and additional storage space, as well as a small space next to the stairway for alone-time.

log home cross-section

log home designs

log home design

log home drawings

log cabin kits

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