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barn A9AS

Timber frame barn

A barn of wide use, in a historically romantic style with a built-up area of 89 m2. Careful carpentry joints and massive timber parts. The load-bearing structures are exposed to the outside and show the essence of the structure, emphasizing its solidity.

barn plan

The first floor comprises two parking slots, a lockable warehouse-workshop, and a separate area designated for storing firewood. The easily modifiable layout thanks to the option to transfer and supplement the wall sheathing, enables plan customization according to individual requirements.

barn design

The loft, approximately 60 m2 in size, can serve as a living space or storage area. By incorporating wider glazing in the end wall, the room would receive more natural light, making it ideal for use as a creative workshop.

barn design and plans

You have the option to insulate the building either fully or partially. Where could we consider placing a boiler room, a sauna, or an apartment within its space?

timber barn plans and kit

timber frame barn

prefab barn post beam

Timber frame structure

timber frame barn structure

For the construction, pile foundations measuring 300x300mm are used, interconnected beneath the walls with curbstone strips. Five trusses composed of posts and main beams are anchored in the sockets of the bottom plate and interconnected with loft floor girts and its bracing. These trusses are enclosed by massive rafters. The construction predominantly employs classic joinery techniques, which entail relatively high labor intensity.

prefab barn kit

To support the roof, substantial girts measuring 140 x 140 mm are used to adequately cover the span of the trusses. Wind ties, in the form of crossed braces, are positioned on the roof plane, serving both a structural purpose and contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the design.

post & beam barn

barn building

barn roof design and plans


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