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3 RADI PRO privacy policy for personal data protection.

The purpose of the privacy policy is to provide the natural person – the data subject with information about the purpose, extent, protection and term of processing of personal data when processing the data subject’s personal data. Ltd '3RADI PRO' ensures the confidentiality of processed personal data and implements appropriate measures to protect personal data from unauthorized access, illegal processing or disclosure, accidental loss, alteration or destruction. Personal data processing is carried out by Ltd '3 RADI PRO' through its employees. In such a case, Ltd 3 RADI PRO takes the necessary measures to ensure that the personal data processor also processes personal data in accordance with Ltd 3 RADI PRO instructions and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, and requires the personal data processor to take appropriate security measures.

Legal basis for personal data processing:

 Ltd 3 RADI PRO conclusion and execution of transactions by 3 RADI PRO or the persons represented by it, including the conclusion and execution of an agreement, the contracting party of which is the data subject;
Ltd 3 RADI PRO the legal (legitimate) interests of 3 RADI PRO or the persons represented by it;
Consent of the data subject.

Data controller and contact information:

 Ltd “3 RADI PRO”, Address: “Indriķi”, Viļķenes pagasts, Limbažu novads, Latvia. T.+371 28342464. mail:

The address of our website is: .

The Controller has the right to unilaterally amend this privacy policy at any time in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, informing the data subjects about it via e-mail or through the Controller’s website.

The main categories of data subjects for which Ltd 3 RADI PRO collects personal data:

  • Ltd 3 RADI PRO customers;

  • customer contacts;

  • other persons who communicate with SIA 3 RADI PRO;

  • persons applying for employment;

  • employees of 3 RADI PRO;

  • business partners;

  • 3 RADI PRO website visitors.

Personal data is collected from the data subject. The categories of personal data that Ltd 3 RADI PRO collects and processes are:

  • identification data – name, surname, personal identification number, date of birth;

  • contact information – address, telephone number, e-mail address;

  • professional data – education, position, workplace;

  • financial data – bank accounts;

  • website visitor data (information about the operation of the website used (in accordance with the cookie policy), information about the device used and the connection (such as browser, operating system and other data collected by Google Analytics).

Ltd 3 RADI PRO obligations when processing personal data.

 Ltd 3 RADI PRO within the framework of personal data processing ensures: implementation of technical and organizational measures for the security and protection of personal data; upon receiving a corresponding request from the data subject, correction or deletion of the provided personal data. Ltd 3 RADI PRO undertakes to notify the data subject without delay of a personal data protection security breach, in the event that a physical person’s data protection breach could pose a high risk to the data subject’s rights and freedoms.

Processing safety requirements.

 Taking into account the level of information technology, the costs of implementation and application and the nature, extent, context and purposes of processing, as well as the risks of various probability and severity in relation to the rights and freedoms of the data subject, Lts 3 RADI PRO implements appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure adequate security level. The mandatory technical protection of personal data is implemented by Ltd 3 RADI PRO with physical and logical means of protection, ensuring: protection against threats to personal data caused by physical exposure; protection implemented by means of software, passwords, encryption, encryption and other logical means of protection.

When processing personal data, Ltd 3 RADI PRO ensures:

  • access of authorized persons to technical resources used for personal data processing and protection;

  • the fact that information carriers containing personal data are processed by authorized persons;

  • the fact that the resources used in the processing of personal data are moved by authorized persons.

The data subject has the right to:

  •  access your personal data and receive the information specified in Article 15 of the Regulation;

  • request from Ltd 3 RADI PRO correction of your personal data;

  • request the deletion of your personal data from Ltd 3 RADI PRO;

  • request from Ltd 3 RADI PRO the restriction of the processing of your personal data or the right to object to such processing in accordance with Article 17 and Article 21 of the Regulation;

  • withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data at any time.

  • The data subject can submit a request for the exercise of his rights by electronic mail, signing with a secure electronic signature and sending to the address

  • Upon receiving a data subject’s request for the exercise of their rights, Ltd 3 RADI PRO verifies the identity of the data subject, evaluates the request and fulfills it in accordance with regulatory enactments.

  • If a data subject submits a privacy-related complaint, Ltd 3 RADI PRO will record the data subject’s name and/or company name, name, e-mail, country of the person related to the complaint, and information that was the basis of the complaint.

  • Ltd 3 RADI PRO will use the information provided by the data subject to examine the data subject’s complaint and send a response to the data subject as soon as the complaint has been examined, as well as take measures to verify the facts mentioned in the complaint and for other needs, if necessary in connection with the information provided in the complaint.

  • Upon receiving information that personal data processed by Ltd 3 RADI PRO is no longer correct, Ltd 3 RADI PRO shall make appropriate corrections without undue delay.

Retention period:

Processed as long as necessary for the purpose of personal data processing. The storage period may be determined or justified by the contract with the client, the legitimate interests of Ltd 3 RADI PRO or the applicable regulatory enactments. After the mentioned circumstances end, the personal data is deleted.
Ltd 3 RADI PRO website visitors.

This policy summarizes the basic principles of the cookie policy. The website of Ltd 3 RADI PRO uses cookies to improve the quality of the services offered: to recognize new or former customers; would remember if the data subject has given consent to the use of cookies by Ltd 3 RADI PRO on this website; collect reliable website usage information that allows Ltd 3 RADI PRO to measure how well the website meets the needs of its users and to make any necessary improvements; The data subject can delete or block cookies at any time. Some cookies may be placed by a third-party service provider that performs certain functions for the needs of Ltd 3RADI PRO.

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