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barn AZV

timber frame barn AZV

A classic barn with a construction area of 88 m2 stands as a cornerstone of the farm even today. It's advisable to commence the development of your homestead with this building. The barn serves multiple purposes, including agricultural machinery storage, a workshop, storage for hobby equipment, and even sleeping quarters in the attic—providing a sufficient setup for living as well. Moreover, the versatile nature of the shed makes it suitable for creative ventures such as an artist's workshop, hosting entertainment events, or establishing a tourism business.

Barn building plans

The shed offers three entry points. Sliding gates are installed on the end walls to prevent damage from wind. Additionally, high hinged gates are situated on the side wall, allowing entry for larger vehicles like tractors. Two terraces beneath the lowered roofline provide ideal spaces for pursuing hobbies outdoors, regardless of weather conditions, or simply for relaxation.

barn design

Three spans feature three distinct loft floor solutions. In the central span, there is no loft floor, enabling the accommodation of taller equipment. At one end, a floor with board decking serves as a sleeping area, while at the other end, only floor joists are present, offering the flexibility to suspend items such as boats between them.

post and beam timber frame barn

The structure is intended for a single layer of exterior wall cladding, which can consist of T&G board sheathing or possibly metal sheets with an anti-condensate coating. However, the option for adding a thermal insulation layer is also available should the need arise.

barn design

prefab barn building

prefab barn timber frame

solid timber frame barn

Timber frame structure

barn structure

The structure is supported by pile foundations measuring 300x300mm. The flooring may consist of concrete pavement. Main trusses are anchored to the foundations using chemical anchors. Timber frame components are mainly connected with lap joints and bolts. The most demanding task is linking the loft floor joists to the main beam, particularly through the intricate dovetail joint.

timber frame construction barn

The main trusses link and fasten the longitudinal trusses, which are fixed between the metal connectors positioned within the posts.

solid timber frame barn design

The longitudinal girts of the roof, along with the bracing, serve a dual purpose as roofing battens, specifically designed for supporting a metal sheet roof with an anti-condensation coating. For alternative roof coverings, additional battens can be easily added to the construction.

barn carpenters

The assembly of the prepared structural parts took less than a week for four master carpenters, with approximately the same amount of time required for the installation of sheathing boards.


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