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carport BV AUTO

carport shelter BV AUTO timber frame

A modern, minimalist 60 m2 carport designed for those who are bored by classic architectural styles. It is sustainable due to the small amount of reusable materials and simple construction solutions.

timber carport building plans

The carport is designed to accommodate two cars. A minibus, even with a roof rack, can be parked beneath the sloping roof plane at its highest section. Additionally, there's provision for a small warehouse with covered side walls, suitable for storing specific inventory items, and potentially, an electric car charging device.

carport design plans

Beneath the roof at its lowest point, there's a area where one can seek refuge from the sun or rain, whether it's for resting or carrying out household tasks."

carport shelter timber frame

carport shelter BV AUTO timber frame

carport shelter roof structure

Timber frame structure

carport shelter structure

The structure is supported by six pile foundations. It consists of two asymmetric trusses connected by a pair of girts and roof joists. A separate fence forms the base of the side wall, with concrete anchors securing the impregnated wooden posts.

carport timber frame structure

Spatial stability is ensured by the wind ties located in the highest wall plane of the shelter, as well as the enhanced profile of the crossbar connecting the posts in the lower section of the shelter.


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