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CLT cabin JL1

timber frame cabin JL1

A compact, modern CLT cabin with a built-up area of less than 60m2. The architectural style could be described as universal, suitable for both urban and natural settings. High cathedral ceilings in the living room and master bedroom will appeal to those who appreciate spaciousness and natural light.

cabin plans

As you step inside, you'll encounter a vestibule housing a comfortable dressing room and a utility space designated for a washing machine and clothes dryer. The bathroom features a relaxing bathtub. The kitchen, with bar stools lining the counter, seamlessly connects to both the living room and the covered terrace, perfect for grilling. A fireplace, enveloped by generous glass displays, adds warmth and charm to the space. The master bedroom exudes luxury.

cabin design plan

timber cabin

The possibility of setup a loft sleeping area above the bathroom.

timber frame CLT

timber frame design

cabin structure

wooden cabin building

Timber frame structure

cabin design

The base consists of an heat insulated concrete slab. Glue-laminated trusses, with a cross-section of 120x240 mm form both the skeleton of the structure and serve as a significant interior design element.

cabin walls

The timber frame is finished with T&G 60 mm CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) panels measuring 60x600x6000 mm. This size facilitates assembly without requiring a crane, which can be both challenging and costly to acquire for remote construction sites. The key advantages of utilizing such thin CLT panels include swift assembly at the construction site, immediate interior finishing solutions, unparalleled structural stability, sustainability, and economic efficiency, resulting in savings on internal finishing work at the site.

cabin frame design

Various types and thicknesses of thermal insulation, along with a range of finishing materials, can be applied above the CLT panel cladding. The external frame of the building is designed for the installation of thermal insulation and sheathing.


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