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CLT gazebo JJ L

gazebo design

A minimalist 15 m2 CLT gazebo, designed for functionality and discretion. Crafted solely from natural elements such as concrete, wood, and glass, it offers simplicity without excess. Perfectly suited for windy locations, it offers unobstructed views of the landscape. Additionally, a dual-sided fireplace with glass doors provides invaluable comfort during inclement weather when an exposed flame isn't feasible.

gazebo design plans

Positioned to gaze into the distance, the gazebo captivates with its expansive view. Shielded by the side walls, privacy from neighboring residences is assured. Inside, a compact kitchenette complete with a sink and firewood storage beneath the counter adds practicality. Outdoor sofas or beach chairs invite occupants to unwind as they await the sunset. Consideration may be given to outfitting the entrance with a glass door, transforming the gazebo into a cozy warm pavilion.

wooden gazebo plan

gazebo ideas

While looking after the grill, the transparent design of the gazebo ensures that we maintain our view of the distant scenery. Additionally, should the wind prevent us from opening the fireplace door from the inside, we have the option to ignite it from the outside.

timber frame gazebo

Timber frame structure

gazebo structure

Two apparently uncomplicated wooden trusses, fixed to a concrete floor slab with a hinged metal foot. Achieving precision in the corner joint cut of the trusses may pose a challenge, prompting consideration of an intermediary component to create the shadow seam. To ensure stability, three complementary fixation components—pegs, threaded rod, and a robust steel strip—are used. Positioned centrally within the truss, a vertical CLT panel assists in transferring the load to the foundation.

gazebo cabin

The second load-bearing element of the construction consists of sheathing with 60x600mm T&G CLT (Cross-laminated timber) panels, which ensure spatial stability. Following this, the external finishing can be applied to the air gap battens.

CLT gazebo

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