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gazebo G5A

timber frame gazebo G5A

This elegant 18 m2 four-slope roof gazebo will fit into most gardens and parks, complementing it with a comfortable place for relaxing in the shade, grilling and parties. The construction of the wooden floor rests on four pile foundations, thus makes it suitable for steep slopes and the banks of rivers and lakes.

timber frame gazebo plans

This layout has four exits, on all sides of the sky, but if necessary, some of the walls could also be boarded up or glazed.

wooden gazebo design

The large roof overhangs will protect shelter seekers even in rainy weather.

gazebo building plans

Timber frame construction

timber frame gazebo structure

The bottom plate is designed with eye-catching and particularly durable mortise and tennon corner joint. The posts to be placed into the milled grooves of the base plate beam. The floor joists are fixed with a straight overlap in the main beam of the base plate and supported by an additional batten.

gazebo posts and roof

Decorative posts are placed along the perimeter, connected in pairs with railings, which also have a structural function, to ensure the spatial stability of the gazebo.

timber frame gazebo structure

The top plate is connected with a double overlap, embracing the posts and providing a stable base crown for the roof dome. Slots are made in the beams of the top plate for the fan-shaped placed rafters. Special attention is paid to the shoulder of hip rafter formed at the end of the corner posts. These are relatively complex connections.

gazebo rafters design

The main rafters. We created this structure twenty years ago, and here for the first time we used a steel pipe with tensioners in the ridge connection. Tensioners similar to those used in the manufacture of cabinet furniture. Since then, we use exactly this connection in all multi-pitched roofs due to its reliability and simplicity.

gazebo roof design

Arranged in a fan-like pattern, common rafters extend outward. At the top these common rafters hanged in to the hip rafters.

timber frame gazebo kits

gazebo building plans

gazebo roof construction


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