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gazebo LT2 V9

gazebo LT2V9 timber frame

22 m2 glazed gazebo in a classic style with a large covered porch, created for grilling with family and friends, especially in bad weather. The porch will be useful for those who want to chat under the roof in the fresh air.

gazebo LT2V9 timber frame

In the center of the gazebo, there is a table with a grill, above which a steam extractor is installed (e.g., TUNDRA GRILL). Benches line the perimeter, and at some partitions, there could also be a table for items related to grilling. The entrance door is planned to be double-sided.

gazebo design

The smoke and vapor extractor is attached to the ridge hub. A gap is left in this junction for additional ventilation, allowing fumes that have passed the extractor funnel to dissipate.

gazebo designing

Timber frame construction

gazebo frame

Pile foundations provide support for the wooden floor in this construction. The wall panels are to be interconnected by screws, attaching them to the wooden floor structure.

gazebo rafters

The rafters are intended to be positioned in sockets along the outer wall and secured to the ridge at the central hub, thereby creating a roof dome.

gazebo porch

gazebo construction

The porch structure is supported by its own posts, 'attached' to the rafters of the main body. The porch rafters, along with the sheathing, create two-dimensional diaphragms, ensuring the spatial stability of the porch.

gazebo LT2V9

gazebo grill cabin

gazebo terrace


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