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gazebo LT8

timber frame gazebo LT8

The 15m2 hexagonal gazebo with a skylight is a captivating haven where you can enjoy afternoon tea while reading a book or meditating. It is solemn enough to host a wedding ceremony. The gazebo radiates peace and elegance with its soft lighting.

gazebo deck

The walls are adorned with railings, trellises of vines, and perhaps even glass. These elements can be interchanged to create different combinations.

gazebo design

timber frame gazebo

Timber frame construction

timber frame gazebo

For the gazebo, the wooden floor construction is made of just four different interchangeable wooden parts and is supported by seven piles. In the center, there's a metal hub with tensioners. The beam pattern is designed for a floorboard thickness of 28 mm.

gazebo frame

The trusses of the post, the brace, and the hip rafter form a spatially stable dome. The post is fastened to the base with a detachable hinge connection. Railings are designed as trusses, and they also serve a certain function of spatial stability.

gazebo joints

The common fan-shaped rafters have a purlin suspended between the hip rafters. At the bottom, they are secured to a combined fascia beam. The pitch of the rafters corresponds to a one-inch thick board.

timber frame gazebo

gazebo roof

wooden gazebo

gazebo terrace

wooden gazebo

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