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grill cabin DZT

grill cabin DZT

Romantic grill cabin - outdoor kitchen spanning 25m², boasting Northern European historic wooden architectural elements, adorned with classic decor and intricate joinery.

grill cabin plans

The cabin's covered porch provides shelter for the wide sliding front door, which can be left open during calm weather, seamlessly connecting the space to the garden. At the heart of the layout sits a grill equipped with an extractor hood, surrounded by steps where hungry guests can gather. To the right side of the room, there is a kitchen counter for added convenience.

grill cabin plans

Large roof overhangs envelop the space, imparting a sense of cozy shelter. The sloped roof ceiling, featuring a ventilated roof ridge, enhances the spaciousness of the room while ensuring sufficient air exchange. Supported by a timber frame base, the cabin can be placed even in challenging ground conditions.

grill cabin design and plans

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Timber frame structure

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The house has pile foundations. The base plate of the walls and floor rests on them, where the floor joists are fixed. Separate floor joists are made for the porch, to be easily replaced years later if they have been affected by the ravages of time

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The walls are constructed using decorative posts and main beams connected with girts. The sheathing framework consists of smaller posts and purlins. Bracing and wall sheathing shields are in place to ensure the spatial stability of the building.

grill house structure plans

Massive rafters support the roof, adorned with decorative elements and solid fascia boards.

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grill house design and plans

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grill cabin design

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