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log cabin ASom

log cabin sauna ASom

A log cabin with a traditional touch. Suitable for 3-4 people, the two-storey cabin with a terrace serves as a countryside sauna or a guest house. The total size being 25 m², the plans are quite compact – though highly practical.

Log cabin floor plans

log cabin plans

The first floor consists of an entrance area, which is spatially connected to the living area and kitchen access. On the right from the entrance is a small sauna and shower zone, as well as a bathroom. A terrace is located next to the living space, as a standard solution for countryside guest houses, providing an option to dine outside.

log cabin designing

Access to the second floor is seperated from the first with an exterior staircase, providing privacy from the sauna and living area. Daylight is provided from two opposite facade windows, creating a cozy environment in the small space by opening it up to the landscape.

log cabin floor plans

log cabin prefab kit

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