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log cabin KR

Log sauna cabin KR

A rather compact and convenient two storey log cabin, suitable for 4 people and serves the purpose of a sauna/guest house. A harmonic composition with traditional architectural elements and wide window openings, as well as a connected outdoor terrace for enjoying the warm season without leaving the living space.

Log cabin floor plans

sauna cabin plans

The 1st floor forms from an enterance area that serves the purpose of a frontal porch/terrace, as well as a dining area inside and out, further on concluding the floorplan with a bathroom and sauna.

sauna cabin floor plans

Up the ladder the 2nd floor can be accessed. The floor houses a total of 4 guests and overlooks the 1st floor dining area, maintaining a large amount of incoming daylight.

log cabin designs and plans

log house structure building plans

log cabin prefab kit

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