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log house design

The log house was created as a spacious countryside home for spending time with friends and family. The traditional design as accompanied with a slanted barn-roof and a balcony on the second floor, overlooking the property and covering the outdoor terrace.

Log house floor plans

log house plans

The entrance area is equipped with wardrobes and enclosed with a chimney, behind which the sauna is located. The bathroom and restroom are separated functionally, located right next to the kitchen on the right from the entrance. The living area is functionally connected to the terrace, including the dining area with a view of the landscape. The passage upstairs is located in the living area and is considered quite discrete.

log home plans

Coming up to the second floor we have a small corridor with a restroom right opposite of the stairway, two children's/guest bedrooms to the left of it and a master bedroom to the right. The bedrooms are equipped with a desk, as well as sofas and wardrobes. The master bedroom leads to the balcony with a leisure spot.

log house designs and plans

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