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sauna with bathtube shelter AHS

sauna cabin with shelter

Radiating with Scandinavian charm, this sauna spans 44 m2 and features a tub and a fireplace shelter, offering an idyllic retreat for indulging in sauna therapies. In this tranquil haven, one can unwind without haste, fostering a sense of balance and serenity. The deliberate arrangement of two distinct volumes harmonizes to create a cohesive architectural composition, evoking a sense of unity and tranquility.

sauna cabin floor plans

Step into the anteroom of the sauna, designed for the seamless transition into relaxation. A tea counter awaits, offering a selection of soothing beverages, while towel racks and a couch board provide moments of repose between sauna sessions. The intimate sauna, featuring a wood-burning stove fueled externally, exudes warmth and authenticity. Connected to the bathtub shelter by a wooden "pavement," guests can seamlessly transition to and from the tub with bare feet. The adjacent fire shelter invites meditation, even amidst rain showers, while maintaining a pristine and natural ambiance throughout.

sauna cabin design

The sauna floor comprises polystyrene insulation sandwiched between layers of water-resistant plywood, arranged to create a central drainage channel for sauna water. The floor is finished with aspen shields, crafted to lift for easy cleaning and maintenance.

sauna cabin construction

sauna with bathtube shelter

sauna cabin and bathtube shelter

shelter timber frame

Timber frame structure

sauna cabin timber structure

Supported by pillar foundations, the buildings are constructed using solid timber frame floor construction throughout. The bathtub shelter utilizes a time-honored solid timber frame approach, integrating braced trusses and longitudinal girts to connect them.

sauna and shed structure

The sauna building employs a unique combination of post and beam and log building methods, a historical construction technique that is relatively uncommon today. This method offers distinct advantages, particularly in terms of structural stability. Unlike traditional log houses, this construction style minimizes settling. Additionally, the corner joints are better protected against horizontal rain, making these buildings particularly suitable for coastal areas. The log filling is held in place by a system of vertically placed pins, contributing to the overall strength of the structure.

timber design sauna cabin

The roof structure is designed for a plank roofing. The massive roof battens (90x90mm) form extended roof overhangs.

sauna cabin

timber frame and log cabin

log cabin sauna

sauna with shelter

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