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timber frame Shed Workshop

Timber frame shed designed as a universal barn with a building area of 25 m2. Lifting gates are designed at the ends of the building, with the possibility of making the building passable. This could facilitate, for example, the parking of a trailer.

timber frame Shed

timber frame storage shed shelter

timber frame Shed designs and plans

timber frame Shed garage plans

This setup serves as a suitable option for the storage or maneuvering of a large boat trailer.

timber frame Shed build plans

This configuration also provides an option for accommodating a car, and within the depth of the barn, an additional floor is visible, significantly expanding the building's functionality. This space can be utilized for purposes such as storage or creating a summer sleeping loft.

prefab timber frame Sheds

In addition to housing a car, the barn offers enogh space for a lawn mower, garden equipment, and serves as a warehouse for seasonal items. This versatile design caters to various storage needs, making it a multifunctional and practical space.

Timber frame construction

timber frame structure build plans

Structure is designed to be assembled on a pile foundation. The frame consists of four trusses, each with a cross-section measuring 110x270 mm, interconnected by 90x90 mm girts and additional bracing. Notably, there is a provision for creating an additional gate between the second and third truss, providing flexibility and an extra access point if needed.

timber frame Shed designs and plans

timber frame storage Shelter details

The horizontal girts are spaced at an average interval of 900 mm, creating a well-suited arrangement for securely fastening both the 40mm metal roof T profile and inch-sized sheeting boards. This design enhances versatility in sheeting options for the structure.

timber frame Shed construction

The parts of the trusses are connected using lap joints and secured together with screws.

Shed Workshop designs and plans

The horizontal girts are interconnected through braces and purlins using notches and additional wood screws. Girts are then positioned on the truss wedges, ensuring a robust and secure support system.

shed trusses

In this setup, a single-layer wood sheeting without tongue and groove is used. The roof incorporates a metal T profile with an anti-condensation coating, offering an economical and efficient solution. The structure is designed to facilitate easy insulation by attaching additional layers to the existing frame parts, providing flexibility for insulation options

timber frame Barn Workshop designs and plans

These cabins are highly versatile and can be easily arranged in various combinations. Their design allows for flexible expansion, adapting to ever-changing needs and possibilities.

shed plans

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