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timber frame cabin AZ SUMMER

timber frame cottage AZ SUMMER

A timber frame cabin - guest house, with a wide covered terrace - building area around 70 m2 - the large panoramic windows will be like a portal to nature, allowing you to enjoy the landscape every moment.

timber frame cabin designs and plans

The proportions and details of the building were chosen inspired by the pearls of European wooden architecture of the 19th century, contrasting the historical with wide - modern glazing.

timber frame lodge bungalow building plans

timber frame summer cabin design and plans

The proposed layout divides the structure into two identical apartments, mirroring each other, with a covered terrace at the center for shared relaxation among the residents of both units. The ground floor features a living room combined with a kitchen, a small breakfast table, and bathroom facilities with a shower. Additionally, there is a sofa space that can be converted into a bed to accommodate an extra sleeper.

timber frame camping cabin designs

Access to the attic is facilitated by stairs with steps heightened for ease of crawling. Once ascended, a snug master bedroom awaits.

timber frame cabin plans for sale

The high ceiling above the living room - for a feeling of spaciousness.

timber frame summer cabin build plans

The residence could undergo a redesign, with the option of allocating one section for living quarters, another section for use as a studio or guest house, and a central area designated for a carport or even an outdoor kitchen.

Timber frame construction

timber frame cabin foundation plans

The foundation for the insulated section of the building utilizes a reinforced concrete slab on the ground, while pile foundations support the terraces.

timber frame cabin design and construction drawings

The wooden structure is built upon I-beam trusses measuring 110x270 mm, and the cross-section of these trusses is composed of four 45x90 mm beams connected by plywood bracing fragments.

timber frame cabin beams

Horizontal joists with dimensions of 90x90 mm, along with braces and trimmers measuring 45x90 mm, work together to support and connect the trusses. At the level of the ceiling on the first floor, the joists are larger, measuring 90x190 mm.

timber frame cabin insulation

The framework is insulated with a layer of 180 mm cellulose, and it is enveloped by exterior wooden decking along with a waterproof diffusion membrane for added protection against moisture.

timber frame cabin framework

A distinct load-bearing/decorative timber frame encases the insulated sections, defining the building's shape and contributing to its overall visual aesthetic.

timber frame cabin rafters

Following that, the structure incorporates rafters, roof girts, wooden gutters, and eaves. The exterior walls are shielded with tongue and groove boards mounted on air gap battens, providing an additional layer of protection.

timber frame cabin designs

summer cabin framework design

timber frame cabin design drawings

timber frame cabin build drawings

prefab timber frame cabin

timber frame cabin

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