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timber frame cabin complex JRG

timber frame cabin complex JRG

A modular timber frame cabin complex for up to 4 people. The spacious functional solution allows for hosting gatherings and a guest house function as well. With a dynamic and modern design, visually connecting the indoor space with the outdoors, it serves the purpose of a great countryside home.

Timber frame cabin floor plans

timber frame cabins - plans and designs

The central module of the house is a two-storey volume, with an open-plan dining room and a kitchen area. The entrance is organized through the back of the volume, connecting to the garage and storage module. The "wings" on each side of the central axis are where the bedrooms are located, ensuring privacy from one-another and providing sufficient washroom and living space for each person.

timber frame plans

The dining area on the 1st floor connects to the second, revealing a spacious living room area with a fireplace and leisure zone. The second floor opens up to the first, creating a slight atrium feel and opening the space even more, allowing an impressive field of view from both floors.


timber frame designs and sizes

The composition and design on the building reminds of a butterfly, due to the symmetrical plan and section-cut. The modules are connected with small roof extensions/connections to ensure protection from rainfall. The sloped outer walls create a dyncamic feel to the volume, complimenting the main - barnhouse frame profile.

timber frame designs

timber frame cabin complex

timber frame - clt cabins complex designing

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