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cabin TRC

timber frame cabin TRC

Perfect for a weekend getaway – a two-sleeper timber frame loft cabin for two. Large vertical window glazing, traditional carpentry and a two-slope roof construction with an extension overhang for the outdoor terrace, providing slight asymmetry to create a dynamic composition and add a modern touch.

timber frame cabin plans

Right opposite the entrance sits a kitchen area and a wardrobe on the other side. The kitchen area is partially connected with the living room area, slightly divided by a ladder leading up to the 2nd floor loft.

timber frame cabin cross-cut plans

The loft overlooks the living room, the construction taking half of the space above the 1st floor. The bedroom loft is subtly divided by a wooden rail ensuring safety.

timber frame cabin design and build plans

wooden cabin sizes and plans

timber frame cabins design

cabin design drawings

timber frame cabin design and plans


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