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timber frame cabin ZN1 PLUS

timber frame cabin

A timber frame cabin - barnhouse type modular home for 2-4 people. The smaller volume – which is a technical building meant as storage space – connects to the larger one through the roof extension providing unity and necessary division simultaneously.

Timber frame cabin floor plans

timber frame cabin plan

The volumes are spatially connected with a terrace area, separating the storage building from the living space. The cabin entry is organized from this side as well, opening up to a living area, with a kitchen and washroom on the other side. The stairway to the 2nd floor serves a double purpose as extra storage space by the entry.

timber frame cabin plan

Leading up to the 2nd floor is a space that sleeps up to 4 people, with a master bedroom area and two single beds. The large windows on either side of the space ensure optimal insolation.

timber frame cabin sizes

timber frame cabin design

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