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timber frame house ALS V8

timber frame chalet ALS V8

A three-storey timber frame house for 4-6 people, as well as guests accordingly. The project was designed on a dynamic terrain, behind which sits the ground floor entrance and garage. With an accent on the importance of accessibility, the project ensures spaciousness and comfort as such.

chalet house design and plans

The entrance – as well as an exterior stairway – is organized from the ground floor level, providing space for two or more vechiles, as well as storage and space for technical and maintenance equipment. A total of approx. 80 sqm, the garage floor partially sits under the terrain of the land plot and blends into the landscape nicely.

timber frame design plans

The 1st floor is equipped with a guest bedroom, a bathroom, an open-plan living room (combined with the kitchen area and island), as well as a zone with a seperate zone for dressing and showering. The spacious terrace is visually and functionally connected to the living room.

timber frame house design

The 2nd floor mainly serves a purpose for bedrooms – a double bedroom and a guest bedroom to the right of the inner staircase, as well as a big master bedroom on the left, all of which led to a bathroom which is accentuated with a roof construction looking over the terrace.

chalet design and plans for sale

timber frame chalet designs and plans

timber frame house - chalet designing service

timber frame house

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