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tiny house VGM

tiny house VGM

Playful asymmetry with a modern feel could define the project. A two-storey tiny house - guest home for 2-4 people for a landscape with a great view. A timber frame construction with dynamic sloped facades.

1st floor

Tiny house plan

The entryway faces the terrace extension, which leads to a kithcen and washroom beside it. Further on the kitchen connects to a dining area and a living room, functionally facing a fireplace and a landscape view. The way upstairs is organized behind the dining area.

2nd floor

tiny house mansard

Leading up to the 2nd floor is a space that sleeps up to four people – a standard layout of two single-beds and one master's. The outer terrace is covered by a sunshade as a playful and sustainable solution instead of a standard roof extension.

Tiny house construction

tiny house plans

tiny house design and plans

tiny house entrance

tiny house A-frame

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